At Attitude we have a dance class for everyone, offering a bunch different dance styles for students ranging from three years to adults. Our range of Brisbane dance classes include ballet, jazz, tap, contemporary, acro, song and dance, limber & conditioning and performing teams.

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Ballet is the most beneficial form of dance for body placement, we highly recommend this very important instruction if any student who wishes to improve technique and move on to more advanced levels of dance. Ballet is a very technical discipline, which requires a certain amount of dedication, two classes of classical ballet a week are highly suggested. Teaching the Royal Academy (RAD) Syllabus open classes and private coaching, opportunities exist for both the young enthusiastic dancer and the aspiring professional students.

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Tap classes develops rhythm, coordination and intricate foot work. Our tap involves both technical work and freestyle tap movements. CSTD Tap exam opportunities for students.


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A modern and energetic style of dance for all ages that combines popular music with strong and dynamic movement. Jazz at Attitude teaches students a broad spectrum of styles ranging from Musical Theatre to Commercial Jazz. “Jazz Styles” focuses on hard-hitting commercial style jazz while still offering tuition in other jazz genres that are important for the emerging dancer. Jazz classes offer a unique and fun program that promotes both fitness and flexibility. CSTD Jazz exam opportunities for students. 



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Extending classical boundaries, contemporary offers the dancer the emotional freedom and expression through abstract movement. Contemporary ballet is a form of dance influenced by both classical ballet and modern dance.  It takes it technique from classical ballet, although permits a greater range of freedom in body movement.



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Acrobatics is best described as gymnastics without the apparatus.  It is a fun class where students learn to tumble and bend.  Students learn general acrobatic skills such as backflips, layouts, aerials and walkovers.  Acrobatics develops a good foundation of strength and flexibility where emphasis is placed on extensive conditioning, stretch and strength training.

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