Whether you’re a dancer or a dance parent, knowing what to pack in a dance bag can be tricky. With new dance products constantly on the market, it’s hard to know which are gimmicks and which can actually be beneficial!

To start off with it’s important to have a good sturdy dance bag that’s a decent size, something like the Bloch quintessential dance bag is perfect. Bloch bags have been around for a long time and are great quality with a very long life. Next you always want to have a water bottle in your bag and some kind of easy to eat snack like a muesli bar just in case. As dancers, it’s important that you are hydrated and well fueled for more info on this click here. 

The next thing every dancer needs are the correct shoes! If you do ballet, you will need ballet shoes and the same with any other style. Having the correct shoe that fits well is important for the dancers comfort and for them to be able to correctly execute the required movement for each style. For Attitude dancers, you can purchase all of the correct shoes from Ditto Dancewear with the help of their awesome staff!

Now that we have gone over most of the basics every dancer needs, here are some of our extra recommendations that are great for dancers to keep on them. 


We asked some of our dancers what their dance bag essential was and this is what they said:

“Shoes, tights, socks, deodorant, leotards and a jumper. That’s basically everything!”

“Water bottle, ballet and jazz shoes, jumper and a spare leotard”

“Spare tights!!”

“Definitely food!” 

“I always like to have a screwdriver, just in case the screws on my tap shoes get loose. This has saved me so many times and my friends always borrow it too!”

“I always keep a hair brush, hair ties and pins with a little hair spray because we always have to whip our hair into buns before class!”

We hope this was helpful and make sure you leave us a comment below of your dance bag  essentials!

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