Our end of year concert is held at a theatre/auditorium towards the end of November and involves a stage rehearsal the week of the concert.

A technical rehearsal will be held at the studio on a Saturday in October from 9.00am to 12.00pm (individual class time to be advised), and a dress rehearsal is held during class time in the last week of October.

To bring the routines together all students will combine classes for the last four weeks of term 4. The concert gives the students an opportunity to perform on stage in front of an audience. It is an exciting time of ye
ar filled with fun, gorgeous costumes and bright lights.

Costumes are required for the concert. A new costume is required every two years with accessories added on alternate years. The costumes are kept at a reasonable price and are of high quality. Ballet students wear their tutu again until new tutus are required.

If you decide your child can participate in the concert costume payments will be in two part payments, deposit at the beginning of 3rd term and final payment at the beginning of 4th term.

The concert is not compulsory.

Younger students perform one dance on stage and as the students become older they perform in two dances. All junior students (Creative Dance, Pre-Primary and Primary Ballet, Junior and Primary Jazz) perform on stage together with helpers from the older grades who assist the younger students.

The concert runs for approximately two hours. All students remain backstage during the concert under full supervision and all perform in the finale for a final bow.

A permission slip must be filled out if you would like your child to participate in the concert. Tickets are purchased prior to the concert on the technical rehearsal day and there is no refund or exchange on the tickets. Payment is by cash or cheque.

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